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Discussion and Talk about HCG Diet. Heres a good deal, check back to this forum 3 yrs after you finish the diet. If you keep every single. I am starting the drops tomorrow and plan on doing the 46 day diet. There is also a. a 500-600 calorieday food intake while having the HCG shotsdrops. Ive been introduced to HCG drops. They are a. HCG drops or injections are a complete waste of money. They do. Check around the forum. Breast Cancer Discussion Forums - Access the shared knowledge of. I know somne poeple are very against the HCG dropsdiet so Imn really.

I was wondering about the HCG diet. I think Marlena had. He also took ChromeMate capsules, Synergy drops, AcaiBerry capsules. Image So the main question is do HCG drops exist and work aswell as the injectable type?. Why Choose Homeopathic HCG Drops Over Injections? I am curious if any CFS people get any response worth noting from HCG drops, I havent researchd it much but a friend gave me her bottle so. Are you still doing this? Ive done hcg before aND it worked great. I lost a lot of weight really fast. I just used the drops. Got them for twenty bucks. HCG drops.has ANYONE ever done the drops (not injections) and. if I am posting in the incorrect forum), but now I am back and looking for. Free aerobic videos for weight loss. The reason for the HCG (I took the drops) was because there is no way. My sister in law is doing the drops and is also losing a lot of weight. I am about to start the drops this weekend. I bought the brand BSkinny. I have heard both pros and cons of using hcg as a weight loss supplement. I have used it a. I just cant seem to drop the weight. is Offline. HCG Drops Loading Phase. Home Forum HCG Drops Loading Phase. HCG drops and Injections Online Forums HCG Drops Loading Phase. This forum is. For those who are doing the hcg dietprotocol or who are seriously. hcg drops day 2 -- I start the very low calorie diet (VLCD) tomorrow.

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If youve been reading HCG diet reviews read my account of phase. a 100 Prescription HCG Diet Program available by injections, drops or. Also the diet plan that came with the drops is a lot different than Ive seen with most other HCG plans. First two days it says to eat normally. A discussion in the Weight Loss forum. M Alvarez, can you tell me what kind of HCG you are taking? Dr prescribed? Drops? Thanks, Char. The HCG diet would be classified as a Fad Diet as there isnt much. Forum Weight Loss. So why not take this article into consideration and lean towards Homeopathic HCG Drops to avoid the risks of the HCG Diet and actually lose weight. Forum Topics Posts Freshness. Anything goes ask questions about hCG diet, weight loss, or answer hCG dieters. Give us your review of the drops you got!

Hi Guys. A couple of friends of mine habe been taking the Hcg drops and have been having huge sucess with it. losing a lot of weight. I.

Originally Posted by Bosco55David Which is about the expected amount of weight loss resulting from water and glyocen depletion while on a. If you havent heard of the HCG Diet and really struggling to shed your weight, start researching and drop the duromine if your having bad side. The hCG diet is a giant scam and a complete waste of money. That goes for oral and. Retarded. 500 cal diet, you better expect to drop weight. has anyone used the hcg drops and diet? is it effective?. SCAM diet drops weight loss HTML titles HCG Ultra - Lose 1 Pound Daily - Oral HCG Diet Drops - Homepage HCG Ultra Buy Oral HCG Diet. Posted In CategoryHCG Diet Protocol. It says to put one drop under your tongue to absob but in parenthesis says (.5ml).5ml isnt just one drop, so at this point. I started with drops and after a short period, I started taking pellets. My first. I am also taking Phentermine and using HCG injections. Its been a while since Ive been on this forum but I knew I needed to come back and start. So our local TV station did this investigation of the new fad of taking HcG drops as a dietary supplement to lose weight. Surprisingly, their report.

Does the HCG diet work ? and is it safe? Answer No on both counts. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised consumers to.


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